Many known cousins have been omitted from this sketch to protect their privacy, but they are always welcome to contact me.

       Parmenas Wellington Moreshead, son of John Moreshead & Mary Ann Vincent was born on Nov 7 1868 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island, and he was baptized on Sep 8 1871 in Alberton, PEI[i]. He married Edith "Maud" Ellis daughter of Robert Douglas Ellis and Elizabeth "Melinda" Rogers on Nov 29 1893 in Cambridge, MA[ii]. Edith was born on Jun 17 1871 in Ellerslie, PEI, and was baptized Dec 19 1883 in Port Hill, PEI[iii].
    Just after Parmenas & Maud married they removed to Nova Scotia for a brief time which is evidenced by the births of their oldest children Wilson & Dorothy. By 1901 they returned to live on the John Moreshead Family Homestead in Knutsford Prince Edward Island, and remained until about 1912 or so when they moved to McNeill’s Mills, PEI. In 1917 Edith & most of the children immigrated to Malden, MA to join Parmenas & their older sister Dorothy, as well as many unts, uncles & cousins. No doubt, it had to be difficult life for Maud. It seems at least part of the time, she was working a farm & raising the kids alone. So beautiful in the younger picture of her and yet the lines of decades beyond her are engraved in a mere 24 years.
     Parmenas was not a farmer in his heart and struggled with a lot of aspects surrounding it according family & people who I met that knew him when I was a child. I believe it is safe to say, he traveled back & forth to Massachusetts in an effort to pursue work that would let him escape the life of a farmer.  Maud implies on the 1917 Passenger List (noted in more detail in the endnotes) that as early as 1890 she would visit in Cambridge. Priscilla, his sister, & the informant on his death record, states that he had resided in the Malden area for 35 years. This places his original arrival in about 1888. Despite this, it must not have been fulltime as he has not been found on a directory that early.  
     He died on Nov 1 1923 in Malden Ma of a cerebral hemorrhage which was compounded by exhaustion. He was buried on Nov 4 1923 in Forestdale Cemetery, Malden, Ma. not far from the gazebo[iv]. Maud died on Feb 18 1928 in Malden Ma from the effects of a stroke, and was also buried in Forestdale Cemetery, Malden, Ma[v]. Census details for Parmenus & his family can be found here[vi]. The passenger record details of Maud & many of the children immigrating can be found here[vii].
                                            Parmenas & Edith “Maud” had the following children:
1.  Wilson Miles Moreshead was born on 24 Jun 1896 in Lower Stewiake, Nova Scotia, although there are some discrepancies on the birthdates recorded on the censuses[viii]. According to the 1901 Census, he was born on his grandfather John Moreshead’s birthday.
     Wilson served in WWI in the Canadian Army & although the complete record has not arrived yet, we know he signed his Attestation Paper on Apr 5, 1918 and that he arrived home from Witley Camp Surrey, England in Sept 1919[ix]. He never married or had children.
      Evidently, he had a lot of psycholgical difficulties, perhaps because of his experience in the war, or some other reason. We do not know. Clearly, he had a difficult life whatever the reasons. The 1930 census shows he was in Danvers State Hospital at age 33. It states he came to US in 1916 at age 21 and was not naturalized[x]. He was not located on the 1940 Census, but it is implied on his death record that he was in the Metropolitan State Hospital in Lexington/Waltham, MA for 1y5m6d which calculates to Apr 11 1940.
     He died on Sep 17 1941 in Lexington, Ma. The record states Wilson Miles Moreshead was formerly a resident at 55 No Milton St Malden, which was his sister Dorothy's address at the time. The cause of death appears to be suffocation via the inhalation of dirt, perhaps after falling from a tractor. He was found dead in field where he had been working[xi]. My grandmother’s 1941 Diary reads, Sep 17 1941: “ At noon to-day Roy & Dorothy came & told me my brother Wilson passed away. He was only 45 years old June 24th. Poor fellow he got very little out of life.” Sept 18, 1941 [Dorothy] “ & I & Ed went to see Wilson he looked fine. I feel a lot better over it now as he is so much better off.” Sept 19 1941 “In the evening Dorothy, Roy, Clara, Everett, Jessie, Jimmy & Thelma, Ed & I all went to see Wilson. We found out he didn’t die of a heart attack, his death was an accident, afterward they all came here for coffee.” Sept 20 1941 “This afternoon Wilson was buried. The service was lovely. The new minister Mr Buzzell is very nice. It was a private funeral just the members of the family. Poor fellow he is at peace now.”
      He was buried in Forestdale Cemetery, Malden, Ma. His grave was unmarked except by flowers I planted for a few years, but my mother got him a stone. It is lot 515 relatively near Edward & Gladys Stevenson’s grave which is on the far right side of the cemetery near the corner. Wilson’s is about 50' away on the other side of the little road & gate. 
2. Mary Melinda "Dorothy/Dot" Moreshead was born on 25 Dec 1897 in Lower Stewiake, Nova Scotia[xii]. Mary married Roy Milligan on May 4 1918[xiii]. He was the brother of Claude who married Dorothy’s sister Orrell.
     Dorothy & Roy‘s Massachusetts Census details can be found here[xiv]. They removed to Northwood, NH about 1941[xv]. He died in 1981; she died on 17 Jan 1995 in Northwood, NH and they were buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Northwood, NH[xvi].                                                   
3. Clara Lousie Moreshead was born on 25 Dec 1899 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island[xvii]. Clara married Stedman or Steadman Harpell, son of Issac Harpell & Susan M. Byers on Jun 23 1926 in Nashua, NH, although they were both residents of Everett, MA at the time[xviii]. In 1930 they lived in Malden with their two sons[xix], and by 1940 she is a widow, back in Everett with her young sons[xx]. Due to this, it is certain he died between1930-40, although the exact date is not known to me at this time. Clara, or as she was called later in life, Claire, began dating Everett P. Towers sometime before Christmas of 1940, as it is mentioned in Gladys Stevenson’s Diary that he gave her “a lovely watch for Christmas also an Electrolux Vacuum cleaner”[xxi]. They were married in Kingston, NH Apr 5 1942, and according to that rcord he was the son of Jesse Towers of Connecticut & his late wife Zilpha Phillips[xxii].
     Aunt Clara” as I knew her, always made me smile. She was such a bright, funny & fashionable woman I just loved it when she visited. In one of the letters written to my mother, which I now have, she recalled the trip from the island to Massachusetts in 1917[xxiii].
      It states in part:
 we left Bourden on the Ferry, arrived at Cape Formentine N.B.,  took the train from there to St. John’s N. B. stayed there overnight, it was in the middle of World War I, we had to go to the immigration office to be interviewed to find out if we were of German descent, then we traveled by train to Vinceboro, Maine from there to North Station, Mass. We were met by Dorothy and my dad. The trip was exciting. Gladys and I flirted with all the young Canadian soldiers, they bought us bars of candy (big deal) then, they were so handsome we sat away in back of my mother who was busy attending to the four younger ones. We had a ball until she looked back & found us sitting with the soldiers, she promptly came back, took us out of the seat, sat us in front of her, there we stayed until we got to the next train. Was our faces red, no fooling around in those days, all our fun came to us screeching hault.
     We were happy going into a new life, meeting new people and spreading our wings - we were real hicks from the farm. I loved being brought up on a farm, never a headache, or worry, lots of good food etc. with friendly kind caring people. I wouldn’t exchange that part of my life for anything, but when I started to get the boy flirting stage and thoughts of getting married one day, I did not want to be a farmer’s wife. I wanted a City guy and a dab of perfume behind my ear instead of the smell of horse and cow manure. But I have always been a country girl at heart. I love the wide open spaces and good country fresh air, that is why I love living in Woolwich, Me, every time we go shopping we pass many open fields with cows and horses, reminds me of PEI. We live in the country part of Woolwich there are some lovely roads with beautiful houses, many doctors, and well of people, but not near us at all, we love the real country part so quiet and peaceful.”
     Sometime after Everett’s death Nov 13 1972 in Lynnfield, MA where they had lived for many years[xxiv]. Claire moved to Woolwich, ME before 1984 and died Jan 1 1989[xxv].
4. Mildred "Gladys" Moreshead believed without doubt she was born on 20 Dec 1901[xxvi]. Sadly there aren't church or government records of  her birth, and it is the same case with some of her siblings as well. The church where she & some of her siblings were baptized, located in Knutford burned down at one point and all the records were lost. In addition, government records were not required to be filed on PEI until 1906. The earliest record available for her is the 1911 Census which states Dec 1902, and it also seems to imply many of her sibling's births are  possibly off by a year. It had definitely been a problem for her during her life. Her naturalization papers also state Dec 20 1902, because of this Social Security insisted she was born in 1902 & made her wait a the extra year for benefits, because she could not prove she was born in 1901.
    Gladys married Edward Thomas Stevenson of Everett, Ma in Jan of 1923. He died Feb 12 1962[xxvii]. She passed away on Feb 11 1976[xxviii]
5. Minnie "Irene" Moreshead was born on Dec 12 1903 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island and   married Arthur Peters[xxix]. They resided in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and she died after Feb 1976[xxx]. Very little is known about her. I would really love to connect with her descendants and share some pictures I have of her & her children.
6. Iva Eunice Moreshead was born on Nov 24 1905 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island[xxxi].
Iva married Waldorf Flateau between 1920-1925,probably in Massachusetts [xxxii]. They lived
at 17 Fremont St in Malden in 1930[xxxiii]. She died May 5 1956 after a long illness[xxxiv]. He died suddenly at age 60 after 1956[xxxv].
7.  Orrell Irma Moreshead was born on Jun 7 1908 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island[xxxvi].
She married Claud Milligan of McNeil’s Mills who was the brother of Dorothy’s husband
Roy[xxxvii]. She died June 11, 1955 where she resided in Halifax, NS after a long battle with
breast cancer[xxxviii]. Claude died in 1973 & they are buried in Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax,
Nova Scotia[xxxix].
8.  Jessie Helen Moreshead was born on Nov 23 1913 in MacNeills Mil, PEI[xl]. Jessie married
Frederick Frech, and they lived in Newton, MA[xli]. She died Mar 3 2001 in Concord, MA[xlii].

      This is a poem written about the road they lived on in Knutsford, PEI:
                                              The O’Leary Road
                                            By Luke Hughes c1840
                                        ‘Tis forty years I think or more
                                        Since I have walked this road before
                                        How lonely then, how dark and still,
                                        For silence reigned on vale and hill.
                                        Tall birch and beech from either side
                                        Hung o’er the road their branches wide.
                                        No sign was there of man’s abode
                                        On all that long O’Leary Road.
                                        The prowling fox and vagrant bear
                                        Long claimed a wild dominion there.
                                        Now woods and wilds have all been cleared;
                                        The fox and bear have disappeared
                                        And passing years have changed the scene
                                        From forest wild to meadows green.
                                        The reaper and the iron plough
                                        Proclaim ‘tis man’s dominion now.
                                        And o’er the large and larger plains
                                        Are spreading fields of ripening grains.
                                        The woods are gone and in their room
                                        Large clover fields and orchards bloom.
                                        The farmer’s toil is well repaid;
                                        To guide the plough his chosen trade.
                                        His sprightly team well-groomed and fed;
                                        His chosen seed with system spread.
                                        To native thrift with practice skilled,
                                        The grateful soil abundance yields.
                                        And me, its merits marks are well bestowed,
                                        For plenty crowns O’Leary Road.

O’Leary Road, by Luke Hughes, Lot 11-was submitted to the Island Farmer from West Devon c 1840,       republished in 1992 “Threads of the Past, A History of O’Leary, PEI 1837” a book written by the O’Leary Women’s Shaw Institute. This information c/o “Community of O’Leary” website, a special thanks to Bev Shaw for finding the original source citations for me. 

Copyright - Amylynne Baker-Santagate,
[i] Parmenus Birth & Baptism: PEI Records & Archives Permenas Wellington Moreshead born Nov 7 1867 on O’Leary Rd Lot 8 Bapt Sep 8 1871 son of John Moreshead & Mary Ann by R.W. Yer at St. Peters Anglican in Alberton Book 1 Pg 37 via ;
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[vii] Passenger List: Moreshead Maude a45 b. Ellerslie 5’6” grey hazel, Clara L. a17 b. O’Leary 5’3” brown hazel, Gladys M. a14 b. O’Leary brown blue, Minnie I. a12 b. O’Leary brown blue, Iva E. a8 b. O’Leary brown green, Orrell J. a6 b. O’Leary brown green, Jessie M. a3 b. McNeil’s Mills light hair blue, Last residence McNeils Mills, nearest relative Mother- Mrs Robert D. Ellis Poplar Grove PEI, final destination Malden, by whom was passage paid? 54.00 on her, has she ever been to US before? Yes various times since 1890 Cambridge & various places, last departed from US Sep 1913, Husband & father Permenas 138 Pierce St Malden, MA, Clara also came with her mother to Cambridge in 1901, no one else had gone before, landed in St John Apr 28 1917
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[xiv] 1920 U.S. Census Malden Massachusetts 49 Wigglesworth St., Roy H Milligan 23 born Canada leather worker leather factory, Dorothy 22 born Nova Scotia immigration 1917 machine operator rubber factory; Moved to No. Milton St before 1928 when her mom died at her house- see “Edith Maud Death”; 1930 U.S. Census Malden Massachusetts 54 N. Milton St., Roy H Milligan age 32 married at age 21 born Canada parents born Canada, Dorothy Milligan age 32 born Canada parents born Canada, Thelma Milligan age 9 born Massachusetts parents born Canada, Roy Milligan Junior age 8 born Massachusetts parents born Canada, Romayne Milligan a0 born Massachusetts parents born Canada, states she immigrated 1914, he emigrated 1916; Moved from No. Milton St. between 1935-1940; 1940 U.S. Census Melrose Massachusetts 129 Penny Rd., Roy H Milligan age 42 born Canada 1935 Malden steel cutter and a foundry, Dorothy M wife age 42 born Canada Thelma J. 19 born Massachusetts, Roy H Junior age 18 born Massachusetts, D. Romayne 10 born Massachusetts, Steadman G. 8 born Massachusetts
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[xvii] Clara Louise Morshead Birth Dec 25 1899 1920 US Census Malden, MA; January 6 & 7, 1920 Clara L. a20    Wrapper  Chocolate Factory; 1901 Canadian Census PEI Lot #8 Clara b. Dec 25 1899 a1“G. Daughter” 1911 Census Lot 8 Clara L. Dec 1900 a10; Passenger List: Clara L. a17 b. O’Leary 5’3” brown hazel, Clara also came with her mother to Cambridge in 1901; Also see endnotes for Clara’s Marriages & Death.
[xviii] Clara Moreshed Marriage NH Vital Records: to Steadman E. Harpell Jun 23 1926 in Nashua, NH,  both residents of Everett mass, groom 28 bride 26 both white groom is a chauffeur bride is a mill operator both born Canada first marriage for both intention filed June 16, 1926 married by AJ Archibald of Nashua New Hampshire minister, groom’s father Isaac of Everett mass age 62 white occupation real estate birthplace Canada mother Susan M Byers of Everett mass age 63 white homemaker born Canada, bride’s father Parmenas of Malden Mass. 56 white laborer born Canada mother Edith Ellis of Malden Mass. 56 white homemaker born Canada;
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Gladys (Moreshead) Stevenson Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate, 1941 Diary. See Jan 2 1941.
[xxii] Clara Marriage: NH Vital Records  Everett P. Towers of Everett Ma a47 divorced 2nd marriage Machinist b. N.B. Canada, son of Jesse Towers of CT a73 Living Mechanic b. N.B. Canada, & Zilpha Phillips a 73 dead b. N.B. Canada  to Clara Harpell of Everett, MA a41 widowed 2nd marriage housewife b. PEI dau of Parmenas Moreshead of Malden, MA a58 dead b. PEI & Maude Ellis a56 dead b. PEI . Intention Apr 5 1942, in Kingston, NH by Raymond G. Clapp
[xxiii] Gladys (Moreshead) Stevenson Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate, loose papers from Gladys Stevenson’s Scrapbook- Letter from Claire Towers to Marion Baker dated Sept 21 1987, Images P1070158-P1070161
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[xxvi] Mildred "Gladys" Moreshead  Per the Gladys Moreshead Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate:  Her 1941 Diary on Dec 20 She states “To-day is my birthday. I am 40 years old. Where does the time go?” Her 1944 Diary on Dec 20 she states “To-day is my birthday. I am 43.” Her 1949 Diary Dec 20 states “My birthday! I’m 48 yrs old. Feel one hundred right now. My cold is terrible. ” Her 1950 Diary Dec 20 states” “A ‘big day’ in here. Eddie brought me a beautiful birthday cake. Oh yes, today I am 49” Her 1951 Diary Dec 20 To-day is my 50th birthday.“ Her 1952 Diary – Dec 20, “My 51st birthday. “ ; 1920 Census  a18; 1930 Census a28 ;1940 Census a38; Passenger List says a14 in April 1917; Naturalization Record says Dec 20 1902. In a letter dated Jan 27th 1964 J. Watson MacNaught (a cousin & Federal Cabinet Minister) seemed to have been trying to secure proof of her age as well, as he responded to her sister Dot’s request to locate a record for her, however I don’t believe he was ever able to secure one.  In another letter dated Sept 13 1985 Dept of Health & Human Services Division of Vital Statistics in Prince Edward Island, it states they could not locate a record for her birth. In addition, a more recent search of the PEI Public Archives and Records Office online holding turned up nothing for or her siblings.
[xxvii] Edward Stevenson Death Feb 12 1962 Gladys Moreshead Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate:Image P107130 & 131
[xxviii] Gladys Death:  Feb 11 1976 Personal Family Knowledge; Social Security Death Index: b. Dec 20 1902 d. Feb 1976, Last Res. No. Reading, MA
[xxix] Minnie Irene Mooreshead Dec 12 1903 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island – Date is derived from family knowledge but unsure who’s, 1911 Census Lot 6 Minnie Dec 1904 a6; 1920 US Census Malden, MA; Medford St  January 6 & 7, 1920 Minnie I  a16; Passenger List: Minnie I. a12 b. O’Leary brown blue; Gladys (Moreshead) Stevenson Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate– Hand written family note written by Gladys before 1970 with family information “Minnie m: Arthur Peters – children”, there are also pictures of Minnie & her children;
[xxx] See”Orrell’s Death”; Also she is on the Halifax Tax List under "Irene" in 1972 available via; Glady's Obit Feb 1976 Image P1060347;
[xxxi] Iva Eunice Birth Nov 25 1906 in Knutsford, Prince Edward Island, year calculated from obituary -see “Iva’s Death”; Date is derived from family knowledge but unsure who’s, 1911 Census Lot 6 Iva Nov 1906 a4; 1920 US Census Malden, MA; Medford St  January 6 & 7, 1920  Iva E. a14; Passenger List: Iva E. a8;
[xxxii] Iva Marriage: Did not find their marriage record, but must’ve been married between 1920 in 1925 according to the 1920 Census when she was single & Ronald’s birth in 1925;
[xxxiii] 1930 US Census Malden, MA : 17 Fremont St., Waldorf Flateau 31 married at 25 b. New Jersey father born France mother born Germany chauffeur, Iva 24 married at 18 born Canada, Ronald 4 born Massachusetts, Wendell 0 born Massachusetts
[xxxiv] Iva’s Death:  Malden Directory page 255 “Flateau Iva E (Mrs. Waldorf) died May 5, 1956”; Gladys (Moreshead) Stevenson Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate Gladys Scrapbook Obit no date See photo P1060441 [a50 1956]  “Iba E. (Moreshead) Flateau, wife of Waldorf A. Flateau of 51 Forest Street”, “She was 50 years old”, “Leaves three sisters”- Gladys, Clara & Dorothy. One might think that means Orrell, Minnie & Jesse have already died – but they had not & were most likely  left out completly by accident. Wally had his hands full with young children & Minnie & Orrell were in Canada, and while Jessie was in the state she was not nearby; see “Orrell’s Death” 
[xxxv] Waldorf Death - Gladys (Moreshead) Stevenson Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate Gladys Scrapbook Obit no date See photo P1060441
[xxxvi] Orrell Irma Birth  Date calculated from obit – see “Orrell’s Death” ; 1911 Census Lot 6 Orrel Jun 1908 a2; 1920 US Census, Malden, MA, Orrell  a11; Passenger List: Orrell J. a6 b. O’Leary brown green; see also “Orrell’s Death”
[xxxvii] Gladys (Moreshead) Stevenson Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate– Hand written family note written by Gladys before 1970 with family information, as well as extensive family knowledge of Gladys’ 3 daughters.
[xxxviii] Orrell’s Death: 1908-1956 per gravestone- Fairview Lawn Cemetery Halifax Nova Scotia via uploaded by  DeborahandFrederick who originally shared the photo of their gravemarker publically.; Gladys (Moreshead) Stevenson Archive Collection in the possession of Amylynne Baker-Santagate Gladys Scrapbook Obit no date -see photo P1060438 & 440 “June 11, four days after her 48th birthday”, she leaves 5 sisters – Dorothy, Clara, “Mrs M. Irene Peters of Halifax, NS” , Jesse & Gladys, “another sister Iva Flateau of Forest Street, passed away on May 5th.
[xxxix] Claude Death: b. 1905-1973 per gravestone- Fairview Lawn Cemetery Halifax Nova Scotia via uploaded by  DeborahandFrederick who originally shared the photo of their gravemarker publically.
[xl] Jessie Helen Birth  Nov 23 1913 in MacNeills Mil, PEI. 1920 US Census in Malden, Ma Jessie H. a6; By the 1930 Census both Parmenas & Maud have passed away. Passenger List: Jessie M. a3 b. McNeil’s Mills light hair blue; also see “Jesse’s Death”
[xli] 1940 U.S. Census Newton, Massachusetts Berkeley St., Frederick G Freck 37, Jesse 26, Carol 6, lived in the same place in 1935 he was a Linotype operator in a printing company
[xlii] Jessie’s Death:  Mass Death Index d. Mar 3 2001 in Concord, MA; Social Security Index b. Nov 23 1913 d. Mar 3 2001; Did not find obituary on or Boston Globe

Copyright Amylynne Baker-Santagate,


07/05/2014 5:51am

nhgenealogist it's the best information

07/24/2014 6:28pm

I am the grandson of Iva Flateau. My Fathers name was Ron Irving Flateau.I know there were many secrets about my fathers real father.As Iva was his mother.It's very frustrating to not know all your heritage.My cell is 813-758-9925.My wife and I are retired and residing in Florida.We are currently traveling in the Northeast, and visiting me and my wife's family.

07/31/2014 12:41pm

Mark, please send me a private email to and I will help you any way I can. I know exactly who you are as I have you in my information that is not publicly published. I'm sure we can sort this out. I will say so far I have not heard a speck of anything that would imply Waldorf was not your grandfather. Sorry it took me so long to see this post. Hope you have enjoyed your visit to New England!

Carol Eldridge
08/07/2014 8:54am

Hello, my mother named Orrell Irene Peters was adopted by Minnie Moreshead and Arthur Peters. I am trying to find the birth mother! We believe the birth mother was a family member! Any pictures, stories or anything you might have regarding Minnie, or Clara Moreshead, or Claras daughter Irene might help! We do not have a last name as Mother was told that she was born under Minnies name, that her and Orrell Milligan( Moreshead ) found a doctor to sign papers saying Mother belonged to Minnie!


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